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theclassicreader asked: Are women allowed in fight club?


In the sequel, there is a female equivalent, also geared toward world domination, but this is not a boys vs. girls story. 


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Lol! cute cats answer to the infamously ridiculous movement womenagainstfeminism. the idea behind the cats is:

 ”The confused cat signs poke fun at the women featured on “Women Against Feminism” and their fundamental misunderstanding of the feminist movement. The bizarre concept of cats caring about feminism echoes the similarly bizarre and misguided signs such as “I don’t need feminism because I need a man to respect me,” and “I don’t need feminism because my sex life is not a political agenda,” featured on “Women Against Feminism”

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Adventures of the traveling Molko presents:

Wait for it…wait… bang! Traveling Molko in a full on flamingo from Paleo Festival. Plus the hair!

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